Here you can read through my professional and personal references from lovely and warm people that I  met along the way….


I have known Sandra for several years, firstly as a student from the Abraham Moss Centre, when I ran lectures on the two-year Diploma course in Photography.  And secondly, Sandra has been a keen participator in my seminars and lectures at Manchester Metropolitan University on the B.A. Honours Film & Media Degree, where I teach Photography as an Associate Lecturer, and have done so for the last seven years.  I am an International Photographer myself and have a vast body of work covering such subjects as Death and Dying and Post Mortems.

Sandra is one of the most gifted, talented, motivated and inspired students in Photography that I know.  She is an excellent practitioner who is always coming up with new and exciting ideas.  Sandra has evoked inspiration and respect in the students at MMU when she has shown her photographs.  She discusses her ideas with great insight, understanding and sensitivity.  She moves people deeply with her depth of emotion and enthusiasm.  She can theorise her practise and she has a mature degree of experimentation in Photography.  Sandra really pushes her boundaries and is open to seeking original imagery, which touch into the arenas of aesthetics, philosophy, psychology and semiotics.

She has also exhibited abroad several times in her native Poland with good acclaim.  She brought some extremely strong imagery into the University pertaining to dangerous inmates in a mental asylum.  I found them astounding and want her to send them to various photographic magazines and sources, to be published and recognised.  She has an exceptional eye to capture the innate beauty of reality.

Sandra has a mind that researches influential Photographers and her abilities with English as a second language are excellent.  She is a good team player and has a great sense of humour coupled with hard work and a good background in studio work and large format cameras.  She has all the basics that are needed to do all manner of photographic practise.

She is a good communicator with a positivity and an inner light about her.

I want to highly commend Sandra to you as a bright, able, quick witted, unique woman and Photographer.

Yours sincerely,

Miss Sue Fox B.A., P.G.C.E.

Manchester Metropolitan University

I have known Sandra for six years.  She first came to me as a beginner and followed through to achieved an NVQ 3 in Photo-Imaging, working as a studio portrait photographer.  Studying photography awakened a greater desire to explore photography as a form of expression in preference to a commercial tool.  In that time it has been exciting to wach her developing from a competant studio photographer to a photographic artist, exploring both film and digital media. The passion for the medium that she has demonstrated to me over the years will flourish in the forum of like minded people.

I have seen a rapid change in both Sandra’s work, and her approach to her work in recent years.  Her development while attending her BA course has lead to her moving from a precise digital photographer to one who needs to experiment and explore available options.  She is willing to make use of all available avenues to achieve this goal, from finding sources for  equipment loans, to seeking arenas to discuss and develop her ideas.

Sandra has overcome many obstacles to reach the point where she is now, this has demonstrated her determination to achieve, and develop as a photographic artist.  Sandra has expressed two ambitions to me, the first is to travel and produce images, the other is to teach.  I believe that she will achieve both of these, and that she will make a success of them.

John Kiely

Sandra is an extremely organised, able to work through research with a strong inquisitive nature. She has a enquiring mind and confidence in her subject matter, to push her ideas through risk taking and has a strong consideration to reflection her intriguing inquisitive manner  sometimes is over thought but with support can deal with this. She will always open up her work to constructive input on her work and is extremely gregarious and sensitive to the adaptations and changes within her practice she is sensitive with her work and will always produce avenues of options and thoughts she is methodical with journals and research, to an informed critical choice.


Alan Jones


“…Another highlight was Manchester Metropolitan University’s show.  It was less the show as a whole, but one person in particular, Sandra Lorkowska.  Sandra was another ex NVQ student who has just completed her degree and is going on to do her Masters.  I may be biased but I was really impressed with her work.  She has produced a documentary series around lumberjacks in Poland.  Her framing and the atmosphere that she has created in her images was very impressive, I would hope that someone will recognise her talent soon and give her some meaty stories to work on, she deserves it….”

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